Penguin Homes ...

A name to trust upon

Customer's trust is something that we emphasize while building your properties, be it commercial, residential or personal. Penguin Homes since it's inception, has valued "Trustworthiness" as the key differentiator for it's operations. And that’s why you will invariably get your properties with all the amenities needed for a modern day living...exactly with the same specifications and quality attributes which you desire. Our works are always a mood elevator, meaning that customers always get more than they expected!! Today, in a murky business environment, Penguin Homes is a TRUESTED name when it comes to construction….

Quality of Construction

Penguin Homes is where you do not have to compromise on anything, from asthetics, design, location to space, everything is done with care. Quality is another aspect which is valued and our projects are always planned, monitored and inspected rigorously ensuring highest quality of construction. All our 2/3 specious bedroom appartments give enough breathing space to your needs and requirements, while the well ventilated interior lift your mood. All our past, present and future projects are secured with respect to quality, because of our high standards set to ensure quality of construction.


Our efficiency to deliver on-time, on-budget projects is something that customers name it as "Efficiency". You get all the modern amenities with required convenient facilities at a reasonable price. At Penguin Homes, we ensure to maintain the efficiency level in meeting your requirements. You can expect excellent architecture design, optimal usage of space, interiors as per latest trends and matching living styles of current society, quality of construction…all delivered on time and in-budget. That’s what is efficiency for us, and that’s what you will get at Penguin Homes !!!

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