About Us

Penguin Homes (Incorporated under the companies Act - 1956) is one of the fastest growing real estate developer in Bhubaneswar, dealing with Residential Housing Apartments, Group Housing Projects. Building world class yet affordable infrastructure is our passion ! At Penguin Homes, our team of experts have wide range of experience in real estate and business professionals who are driven by Penguin Home's passion for quality products and services.

Penguin Homes is a professionally managed real estate & construction company, actively involved in engineering and construction of multi-storied buildings, apartments, towers, commercial and individual housing solutions in Bhubaneswar. One of our prime objective is to render optimum services to customers... and perhaps it is the personal touch we provide to each of the customer requirement, that differentiates us from the rest.

Today, Penguin Homes boasts of several affordable yet luxurious residential and mega appartments projects in prime locations in Bhubaneswar.

The management at Penguin Homes consists of the board of directors (including non-executive directors and executive directors), are highly networked professionals who have years of experience in managing large scale projects of various nature. Penguin homes is driven by it’s values and we always care for our customers. Penguin's mission is to provide innovative housing solutions to the people of Odisha and Bhubaneswar. We understand that solutions need to be customized according to your requirements and aim to provide you with all the comfort and security for a happy healthy living. Therefore, we build your dreams keeping in mind Value For You…. Rely our expertise and rest assured…

Penguin Values


Penguin team is led by a management team who worked in diverse fields like IT Software, Construction, Retail and consulting. The foremost value that we foster at Penguin Homes is trustworthiness. This is because we live for customers, and our success is dependent on our commitment to deliver. All our operations are intended to ensure we remain trustoworthy towards each and every client.

Quality of Construction

An inefficient construction system beset by project delays, corruption and bureaucracy, coupled with rampant violation of building codes, has resulted in compromises with quality, making structures more susceptible to structural and safety malfunction. Penguin Homes is absolutely committed towards quality, and all our constructions follow the stringent guidelines needed for quality.


Our efficiency to deliver on-time, on-budget projects is something that customers name it as "Efficiency". You get all the modern amenities with required convenient facilities at a reasonable price. At Penguin Homes, we ensure to maintain the efficiency level in meeting your requirements. You can expect excellent architecture design, optimal usage of space, interiors as per latest trends and matching living styles of current society, quality of construction…


It's our commitment to deliver your dream home and dwelling space according to agreed terms. Your requirements and timeline/budget constraints are our guidelines. While we ensure to build according to your specifications, it's our commitment to deliver despite of changes in external circumstances like inflation etc. Today Penguin Homes is known for it's trust and commitment level amongst it's customers and stakeholders.

Penguin Homes Pvt Ltd., Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India


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