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This calculator computes the value of Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) for user specified values. Just enter the values for Rate of Interest, the Amount of Loan required, Tenure (in years) and specify whether you would like to use an Annual , Monthly or Daily Reducing balance for the calculations and click on the Calculate button. The Result will be displayed in the box named EMI.

Loan Details

Interest rate (%) :  
Amount of loan required :  
Tenure (in years) :  
Reducing balance based on :    


EMI (Rs.) :  

Enter any one value and click on the Calculate button to get the equivalent measurements. Click on the Clear button before entering a new unit value.
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The Loan Eligibility Calculator below helps you assess the Loan Amount you are eligible for.
Applicants Gross Monthly Income :  
Co-Applicants Gross Monthly Income :  
Other Loans :  
Other Deductions :  
Interest Rate (in % ) :  
Loan tenure (in months) :  


EMI (Rs.) :  
Eligibility Loan Amount :  

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